James Ricks

I'm a Fractional Director of Marketing who works with businesses that are struggling to grow and think marketing might be to blame.

I help companies who are struggling to grow through marketing.

With a decade of experience in helping businesses solve the same challenges you're facing now, I'll help you build a custom-fit go-to-market strategy and put your business' growth back on track.> Read about my process

6+ full-time roles in one cost-effective investment:

  • Go-to-market strategy development

  • Marketing automation & CRM setup

  • B2B category design

  • Demand generation strategy

  • Paid ad management

  • Reporting & analytics

  • Content strategy

  • Sales enablement

  • HR & recruiting support

A few recent reviews

Why do you need a Fractional Director of Marketing?

You likely can't yet afford an expensive & experienced marketing leader who can design and implement a winning go-to-market strategy. For now, it makes sense for you to "rent" one who'll guide you towards growth until you're ready for that full-time hire. When the time comes, I'll even help you find the perfect person to fill the role. Until then, I'll be fully integrated into your team and will do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Transparent pricing

Full-service engagements start at $4k/month, but vary depending on scope of work. 6 month minimum commitment. Due to the nature of fractional work, I limit my client list to no more than 4 clients at any one time. Current spots open: 1 (as of 7/28/23)

Schedule a strategy call

Schedule a strategy call